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Our Housing Center provides safe, affordable housing for those who have a verified mental illness and are low-income.* Housing is HUD subsidized and tenants play 30% of their income for rent.

Applying for housing

AIM Center housing typically has a waiting list. To be considered, visit our Housing Center office and complete an application. The application process includes a screening meeting, verification of disability and income, and a criminal background check.

After a successful screening meeting, applicants are placed on our waiting list and are notified of an opening when one becomes available.

To apply or for more information, contact Elizabeth Hendrix, Housing Coordinator, at 423.624.6591.

*AIM Center membership is not required to apply for AIM Center Housing.



Member Transportation Update

Members working Transitional Employment placements will be provided transportation to the job site from AIM Center. Any members living in either AIM Center Housing or within 15 miles of AIM Center will be given the opportunity to be picked up from or taken home from the job site outside of regular business hours; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Members living in AIM Center Housing properties will be provided daily transportation to and from AIM Center upon their request during regular business hours.

Reservations should be made at least one business day in advance, no later than 3:00PM. Any members requesting van transportation need to call the Employment Resource Unit (423) 624-4800.



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