Who We Are

Relationships + Work = Recovery


AIM Center offers employment, education, housing, socialization, and wellness opportunities for adults living with serious mental illness. We are non-medical and non-clinical; however, we work with other mental health professionals to provide comprehensive mental health services.


Using the Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation, AIM Center empowers participants, our members, to develop relationships and create individualized plans for recovery while working side-by-side with other members and staff to accomplish the work of the Clubhouse.


AIM Center has been helping adults in the Chattanooga community lead fulfilling and productive lives while successfully managing their mental health since 1989. Membership is open to people ages 18 and older diagnosed with serious mental illness. Recovery is a lifelong process and the philosophy of our Clubhouse is “Once a Member, Always a Member.”


We are a private, non-profit organization supported through foundations, public and private grants and donations. Our Clubhouse is also a TennCare provider. AIM Center is the only psychosocial rehabilitation facility accredited by Clubhouse International and licensed by the State of Tennessee.


Recovery from mental illness is happening every day at AIM Center!


At AIM Center, recovery is individually defined by each member who attends the Clubhouse with the assistance of staff. Some members describe recovery as living independently and creating meaningful and healthy relationships. Others feel that employment will give a renewed purpose in their life. Yet other members feel that creating a Wellness Recovery Action Plan provided the help they need. Recovery at AIM Center is as individual as the members who participate in the Clubhouse. We define recovery as successful management of a mental illness condition.


By working together with staff and other members, individuals begin to feel needed, wanted, and accepted, discover their strengths and abilities, and develop relationships based on mutual respect and shared contributions. AIM Center members have equal voices in all facets of the Clubhouse operations including planning activities, hiring staff, making decisions about policies and procedures, as well as input in the long-range planning of the Clubhouse.

Our Staff

Many different paths lead to AIM Center. Clubhouse staff have wide-ranging backgrounds and interests, but all share something in common – a high value for the intrinsic rewards that accompany working alongside such inspiring members!

Facts and Figures

In FY2016/17, AIM Center served 1,279 adults diagnosed with mental illness from the Greater Chattanooga Metropolitan area.
AIM Center’s average daily attendance in FY2016/17 was 78.
In FY2016/17 39 members gained employment, and 97 members were employed one or more days.
25.3% of AIM Center members have reported they have graduated high school and had some secondary education.
An average AIM TV broadcast requires 13 members to produce.
Each month the Administrative Services Unit mails more than 1,000 newsletters to AIM Center members
In 2017, one of the AIM Center vans logged over 21,330 miles. That’s almost an entire trip around Earth!