Recovery is a project we take on together.

The AIM Center Clubhouse is a safe place where adults living with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) are able to transform, heal, connect, and focus on wellness.

When people feel safe and accepted, they can strive for wellness.
It happens here each and every day.


Becoming a Clubhouse member requires just two things:

  • Being 18 years of age and over

  • Being diagnosed with Serious Mental Illness

That’s all it takes. Our motto is “Once a member, always a member.” That means when you struggle and when you succeed, you’re accepted here, and we’re always ready to work with you on your recovery.

AIM Clubhouse Member
The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse intervention model is accredited by Clubhouse International, and participation is always shaped by each member’s priorities. Members work side-by-side with staff, embedding co-production in the AIM Center’s Clubhouse day-to-day operations and decision-making processes. Work gives us purpose and connects us to those around us. It builds community and gives meaning to our lives. Participation is entirely voluntary and provides access to programs and services encompassing supported employment, housing, financial literacy, art and visual communication, nutrition and wellness, and much more. The AIM Center will bill Medicaid insurance, if members have it, but insurance coverage is not a requirement to attend the Clubhouse.


Safety and a real sense of belonging are essential to the work of recovery. To that end, we provide safe and affordable housing to our members. Our 74 units are subsidized through various sources, and tenants dedicate 30% of their income toward rent. As AIM Center residents, tenants are offered assistance with daily living skills, budgeting, socialization, home ownership preparation, and more. 



The AIM Center offers members career guidance, interview training, job placement, on-the-job training, coaching, and follow-up supports. In our Employment Resource Center, members can find help with two types of Supported Employment: Transitional Employment and Individual Placement & Support, as well as Independent Employment and volunteer work.

Transitional Employment involves to six-to-nine-month temporary placement intended to integrate or reintegrate a member into a real work situation. AIM Center staff learn the job alongside the employee and are available to provide ongoing aid, as needed.

Individual Placement & Support is the second supported employment program and involves rapid job search and placement, based on the personal preferences of each member. The overall goal of this program is long-term, stable employment.