Who We Are

Since 1989, the AIM Center has been helping people lead fulfilling and productive lives, while successfully managing their mental health. We do this by offering radical acceptance, personalized support, practical resources, and expert guidance.

Using the Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation through Social Practice, we develop an individualized recovery plan with every member. We empower Clubhouse members to build relationships and work toward wellness side-by-side with other members and staff.

Membership is open to any adult with a diagnosis of Serious Mental Illness (SMI). Recovery is a lifelong process, and our philosophy is “Once a Member, Always a Member.”

We are a private, nonprofit organization supported through foundations, public and private grants, and donations. The AIM Center is also a TennCare provider and licensed by the State of Tennessee.

We are the only psychosocial rehabilitation facility accredited by Clubhouse International in the State of Tennessee. The AIM Center’s unique response to Tennesseans living with mental illness involves an intentional community to help people recover. The community, which is made up of trained professionals and individuals recovering from SMI, is designed to provide social practice as a nonclinical treatment approach. People are able to identify strengths, work toward recovery goals, build relationships, discover purpose, and cultivate healthy routines, all with the support and guidance of mental health professionals. Obstacles are addressed in real time, while giving people living with SMI the opportunity for guided recovery and preparing to reintegrate into society. Everything, by design, is self-directed, in order to promote self-esteem, autonomy, and resiliency, while making people feel wanted, needed, appreciated, and integrated by the community.

In short, we are advocates and mentors dedicated to providing a safe place where recovery from SMI happens every single day.

Who We Are
Our History


In 1986, the Marcotte, Decosimo, McKinnon, Jacob, Forbes, Sinor, and Richelson families came together with a common goal: to create a place of acceptance for their loved ones who were struggling with mental illness. By 1989, the AIM (Achievement, Independence, and Motivation) Center officially began offering services to the Tennessee Valley.


Anna Protano-Biggs
Esq., BSc, LLB, LLM, President & CEO
Jamie Polk
Director of Operations
Dawn Oakes
Director of Finance
Leandra Naylor
M.S., MSSW, Program Director

OUR Mission

We create hope, community, and social change to enrich and celebrate the lives of people living with serious mental illness.


We envision a healthy community where all people living with mental illness achieve their highest potential.

Our Values

We believe every person is capable of great things, deserves dignified and equitable treatment, and has the right to self-determination, opportunities, and a sense of belonging in community.

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